JetBrains CLion Webinar: Video, Code and Slides

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Testing code in CLion

Today I gave my webinar demo of adding tests un-tested code in CLion, with Catch2 and Approval Tests.

As ever, although I find that writing talks and demos takes me longer than I expect, I learn plenty doing the preparation, so the time pays off.

I had a mix of demo and slides: there’s always so much that I want to say in talks, and never enough time, but I really enjoyed the experience, and am grateful for the invitation.

Video and Slides

Image of first slide


I covered these broad topics:

  • Testing with Catch2
  • Testing with Approval Tests
  • Using Code Coverage tools to improve the tests
  • Improving the tests, with Combination Approvals
  • CLion testing tips

The Code

The code is in my fork of Arne Mertz’s commandline-videostore-cpp.

I’ve added a bunch of useful links and credits to its README.

The branches for today’s talk are: