Approval Tests Training Course (1st July 2021)

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I’m excited to be offering this practical one-day hands-on workshop as part of C++ on Sea 2021.

Course: Testing Legacy C++ Code effectively with Approval Tests
Date: Thursday, 1st July 2021: 10:30-19:15 BST
Venue: Online, at C++ on Sea
Booking: Register here - and use the discount code SPEAKER21_10 for 10% off
Further Info: See the conference website.

Read on for details, and what you’ll learn fom the course.

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What the course offers


You’ve inherited some legacy code: it’s valuable, but it doesn’t have tests, and it wasn’t designed to be testable, so you need to start refactoring. But you can’t refactor safely until the code has tests, and you can’t add tests without refactoring! How can you ever break out of this loop?

Whether Legacy code for you means “old code”, “code without tests”, or “code you wish to redesign for new features or unit-tests”, this workshop will enable you to become productive and work safely, quickly.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn not just how to use Approval Tests to start testing legacy code, but how to create effective, maintainable, expressive tests, even on large systems.


Instructor: Clare Macrae

Clare is the co-author of Approval Tests for C++, and an experienced speaker and trainer on working effectively with legacy code.

Course co-creator: Llewellyn Falco

Course material produced in collaboration with Llewellyn Falco: